of the path
Through our practice we work to embody wisdom in our daily lives.


of the path
Through our practice we work to embody wisdom in our daily lives.
ethos 1
Accepting Change

Everything around us is changing, transforming, including us!! If we remain too attached to the idea that we have of ourselves we may limit our life experience and capacity for growth.

ethos 2
Remembrance of the Self

We strive to live in the present moment, observing and learning from our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

ethos 3
Living in Balance

We acknowledge the dualistic nature in all areas of life and have made an agreement with ourselves to develop harmony between both sides.

ethos 4
Unifying Heart And Mind

Living by the mind as well as the heart will help us to open the inner dimension of our lives and a path towards love, compassion and self-healing.

ethos 5

We work to strengthen our will and follow our intuition in the face of adversity.

ethos 6
Appreciation Of Life

We live in acknowledgement of the gifts we have been given and nurture a sense of gratitude in our daily lives. We see life as a precious opportunity and are mindful not to take it for granted.

ethos 7
The Wisdom Of Embracing All As One

By cultivating a sense of our connection to the world and others, we develop humility and encourage each-others growth, without competition.

ethos 8

Through conscious effort, we develop the discipline of maintaining Self-awareness.