Intensive Courses


intensive courses

Since 2011, the Muay Thai Sangha Fighting Arts Gym has held a number of intensive courses each year, to pass on the curriculum to those students wanting to learn a truly effective Thai martial arts system.

The intensive course curriculum, when fully completed, will allow students to become certified International teachers recognized by our Muay Thai Sangha Gym and soon also by the Kru Muay Thai association in Thailand.

The entire Muay Thai Sangha Fighting Arts curriculum covers both armed and unarmed combat situations, from stand-up to ground fighting techniques, for both competition and self-defense purposes.

During the courses, the students are encouraged to face and overcome their physical and mental limitations and must complete different trials according to their abilities.


The Courses are held at the Muay Thai Sangha Fighting Arts Gym, located in the heart of Northern Thailand, only 40 minutes north of Chiang Mai, in the village of Mae Taeng – a small town surrounded by mountains, next to the Sri Lanna national park. 

The Intensive Courses are each taught just once a year. Early Paypal booking is necessary to reserve your space, as we receive a maximum of ten students per course.

  • The next Beginners Level 1 Intensive Course will begin in September 2021.
  • The next Beginners Level 2 Intensive Course will begin in October 2021.
  • The next Intermediate Level 1 Intensive Course will begin in November 2021.
  • Double Swords Krabi-Krabong Instructor Course in December 2021.


The duration of any of the Intensive Courses is one full month. Training covers 6 hours per day, 5 days per week (Monday-Friday), and 3 hours on Saturday. The intensive course is split into morning and evening training sessions, with a 3-hour break in between.


40,000 TBH per course.

Food and Accommodation is excluded. The maximum number of students per course is limited to ten people. A 50% Non-Refundable Deposit via an early booking is necessary to reserve your space.


To participate in any upcoming course, please book and email us at with the subject reading “Intensive Course”. All participants passing through any of the Intensive courses will receive a Muay Thai Sangha Fighting Arts Certificate, which will grant them certain privileges. Those who complete the whole curriculum will gain the support of the gym to open a certified Muay Thai Sangha academy in their own country. Also, our training will be soon recognized by the KMA (Kru Muay Thai Association) which is one of the most prestigious associations in Thailand.


Basic Level 1
Basic Level 2 (Instructor Training)
Intermediate Level 1 
Intermediate Level 2
(Teacher Training)
Advanced Level 1 
Advanced Level 2 (Master Training)